Sean Lau bags first-ever Best Actor award at Golden Horse festival

25 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News World, Xinhua, AFP, ReutersThe 49th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival was held at the Yilan County Luodong Cultural Working House in Taipei last night (Nov 24). This year, there was a 'riot' of nominations for the Hong Kong film industry as four Hong Kong actors were nominated for Best Leading Actor.In the end, veteran actor Sean Lau won the Best Actor based on his role in Life Without Principle, Ronald Cheng won Best Supporting Actor and Chin Ka Lok won Best Action Choreography. This is 48 year old Sean Lau's first time becoming the titleholder of Tapei's Golden Horse Film King. When he won the award, his good friend Nick Cheung immediately embraced him and on stage, Sean thanked his wife Amy Kwok and especially dedicated the award to his mother and father-in-law. He said: "My father-in-law lives in Taipei, every time there's a film playing in Taiwan, he would tell me on how the media is reacting." He joked and said he's particularly happy because he was only nominated twice before winning this award. At one point, Amy Kwok, sitting in the audience, was moved to tears. Ronald Cheng's mouthful of "lazy sounds" in Vulgaria got him the Best Supporting Actor award for his hilarious performance. Yesterday he attended the film festival withstanding the severe pain from his fractured rib. He first thanked director Pang Ho Cheung for casting him in this film, but he joked and expressed he's somewhat embarrassed: "I worked two days on this film and didn't think a comedy film would get any awards. I watched Chow Yun Fat's 80s films to use as a reference, but I don't remember the movie titles." Ronald was also thankful of his wife, Sammie Yu, for taking good care of their daughter. In the audience, Sammie was also very emotional and expressed on Weibo: "[My] husband is the best!" Newly wedded Chin Ka Lok was awarded for Best Action Choreography. In his acceptance speech, Ka Lok said with his average Mandarin: "Filming was very dangerous, there are a lot of heroes behind-the-scenes! This year, I'm so lucky. I got married and became a father. I have my wife (Angela Tong) and daughter, thank you Golden Horse!"The 49th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Winners List:Best Feature Film: Beijing Blues Best Short Film: The Home Gleaners Best Documentary: China Heavyweight Best Director: Johnnie To Best New Director: Chang Jung-ChiBest Actor: Sean Lau (Life Without Principle) Best Actress: Gwei Lun-Mei (Gf * Bf) Best Supporting Actor: Ronald Cheng (Vulgaria) Best Supporting Actress: Liang Jing (Design of Death) Best New Performer: Qi Xi (Mystery) Best Original Screenplay: Milkyway Creative Team, Au Kin Yee, Wong King Fai (Life Without Princple) Best Adapted Screenplay: Bao Jingjing (Love Is Not Blind) Best Cinematography: Wu Di (Beijing Blues) Best Visual Effects: Wook im, Frankie Chung, Josh Cole (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) Best Art Direction: Lin Mu (Design of Death) Best Makeup & Costume Design: Stanley Cheung (The Bullet Vanishes) Best Action Choreography: Chin Ka Lok, Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong (Motorway) Best Original Film Score: Peyman Yazdanian, Johnann Jonannsson (Mystery) Best Original Film Song: DoReMi (Lyric: Lin Xi, Composer: Lo Tayu, Performer: Sammi Cheung, Film: Romancing in Thin AirBest Film Editing: Yang Hongyu (Beijing Blues) Best Sound Effects: Kinson Tsang, Lai Chi Hung (Nightfall) Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Huang Yu-Siang Audience Choice Award: Gf * Bf FIPRESCI Prize: Touch of the Light Lifetime Achievement Award: Shih Chun

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