Se7en's GF gets nasty comments over massage parlour scandal

27 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

It may be Se7en who made the mistake, but it's his girlfriend who's experiencing the fire.AllKpop reported that after Se7en was caught going into and coming out of a 'Happy Ending' massage parlor, it wasn't just his fancafe that was experiencing a flood of comments. Park Han Byul's mini homepage also saw torrent of comments.All the comments were related to Se7en, and many treated Park Han Byul's homepage as if it were Se7en's own page, criticizing Se7en in ways that had nothing to do with Park Han Byul.However, some left critical comments towards Park Han Byul as they stated, "Why didn't you treat Se7en better? You just lost him to a woman who cost 170,000 KRW... (Approximately 147 USD)", "If you marry Se7en and have a child, the child has to know that his or her father participated in prostitution", and "Unni, if you're gonna let him go, give him to me. I can accept everything that he did..."Thankfully, some were showing their support for her, saying, "I can't believe he'd leave you, who's so beautiful with such a great body..", "Not as a celebrity but as a woman, you must be suffering. Ignore everyone else", and "Have strength!".

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