Se7en moved to tears by fans at Japanese concert

9 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Singer Se7en was overcome with emotion while kicking off his concert series in Japan before enlisting in the army.On February 7, Se7en held his first concert in Shibuya, Tokyo as part of his “Se7en’s 2013 Concert in Japan~ Arigtao~‘ concert series and gave his dedicated fans a performance to remember while revealing his personally penned track “Arigato‘ for the first time.It was reported on Soompi that Se7en was moved to tears when fans surprised him during a certain portion of the song “Arigato,‘ when approximately 2000 fans held up banners above their heads that read “Arigato, Se7en‘ as a sweet farewell gesture.Se7en, who had not once shed a tear at any of his concerts since his debut ten years ago caused the atmosphere of the concert stadium to immediately become solemn. Suddenly, there was not a dry eye in the entire stadium as fans and staff alike felt their hearts melt for the artist who showed his immense gratitude for the support of his fans in a personal manner.

SE7EN, k-pop
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