Se7en had applied to be celebrity soldier from the start

28 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

It has been revealed that Se7en, who was recently involved in a massage parlour scandal that saw his girlfriend getting attacked by fans, had applied to be a celebrity soldier from the beginning of his military training.Lately in South Korea, all eyes have been on the celebrity recruits and related issues of the military. Although it might not feel like such a significant issue for those unfamiliar with Korea and its mandatory military service, it is one that hits home for pretty much every citizen there as they all have family members that have served, will serve, or are currently serving as a soldier. So it comes as no surprise that more information is being dug up everyday and being reported in the media.The latest piece of news that has sparked attention is whether Se7en applied to be a celebrity recruit from the very beginning, or whether he was transferred to that department after deciding to go in as a regular recruit. Although it was said back when the singer was enlisting that he would serve as a rifleman, aka a regular soldier with no celebrity privileges, his agency YG Entertainment later remarked that there is a high possibility that Se7en's position may be changed since the military had been showing interest in bringing him on board the promotional department for, the military. Soon after his basic training, a statement was released revealing that Se7en's position had been changed. However, it is now being reported that his position wasn't really 'changed' as Se7en had applied to be a celebrity recruit from the very beginning.In a phone call with Ajoo Economy, a rep from the Ministry of Defense said, "Even before he started his 4-week basic training, he applied to be a celebrity soldier. He was being reviewed while he was undergoing his basic training and was approved and confirmed as a celebrity soldier," revealing that Se7en had become a celebrity soldier as soon as his basic training ended.This piece of information is being met with more disappointment from the public, since at first, they had believed that Se7en had been switched from a regular recruit to a celebrity recruit only because of the military's decision, only to now learn that the singer himself had applied from the very beginning to become a celebrity recruit.

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