This scene looks cool -- but Ron Ng had to suffer embarrassing moment to film it

8 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Yesterday Ron Ng, Vivien Yeo and Waise Lee were at the Central Pier filming for TVB new series Semi-Evil Person. Ron portrays a police officer leading a team to capture Waise.

In the end, Waise's role got shot and hit by a car. Because the pier was closed for a period of time, actual police officers went to the filming location to see what was going on, states a report on Tvbnewsworld.

Ron has played a police officer several times, claimed to be "the actor portraying a police officer the most". No wonder it looked so easy for Ron filming action scenes. In one scene, he slid down from a two-story escalator and had no fear whatsoever.

However, his 'first fall' cost him a rip in his HK$1,000 jeans from his personal wardrobe. By his 'third fall', Ron looked so strong on-screen, but behind the cameras, he joked that his butt suffered torment!

It has been six years since Waise Lee been in a TVB series. In the past years, he has been focused more on Mainland dramas. This time his comeback is as the big villain, and Waise expressed that it's a lot of fun.

Vivien Yeo portrays a hot madam, and her posture when holding the gun looked so realistic. She said lately she's been getting more courageous roles and plans to get Wing Chun lessons to become a fighter girl.

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