Sasuke Singapore has celebs huffing and puffing to win

18 October 2012 / 4 years 4 days ago

Source: The New PaperYou could say Fly Entertainment artist Bobby Tonelli received special treatment during the filming of Sasuke Singapore's celebrity episode back in June.After all, the Singapore-based American actor-DJ's girlfriend, local actress Joanne Peh, is the host of the show.Sasuke Singapore is Channel 5's new crazy, action-packed game show that pushes contestants to their physical limits through an arduous five-part obstacle course.A local adaptation of the Japanese series Sasuke (known as Ninja Warrior internationally), it premieres on Aug 9 at 8.10pm, after the telecast of the National Day Parade.The 36-year-old Tonelli and Peh, 29, did not bother to hide their affection for each other on the approximately 160m by 25m set at Sentosa.The couple, who have been dating since 2009, openly addressed each other as honey and dear. While Tonelli was navigating a series of slanted platforms called the Sextuple Step and jumped from a trampoline onto a cargo net, Peh took out her smartphone to take photographs and videos.She also energetically cheered her hunky beau on and could not keep her eyes off him.When asked whether she gave Tonelli any insider tips on how to ace the course, Peh responded with a chuckle.After all, she was a contestant on the Channel 8 variety series Battle@Water Margin, which saw MediaCorp artists overcoming their phobias of heights and water as they duked it out on the wacky, wet and wild obstacle courses.She told The New Paper There's nothing I can do to help him because he's the one on the course. There's no formula for success.She added I didn't want to say I was worried because I might have projected that nervousness. Incidentally, Tonelli had also auditioned to host Sasuke Singapore, but lost the role to Peh.Nevertheless, he did his homework for his part as a contestant.I studied some of the obstacles on YouTube, worked out a lot and trained myself mentally for this challenge, he said. I think you just have to focus on what is going on ahead of you and give it your all.So are they still at the stage in their relationship where Tonelli has to impress Peh?Quipped the American, "I think taking part in Sasuke is impressive enough because not everyone can do this."Yes, even someone as well-built and physically fit as Tonelli was seen having a difficult time on the course.While climbing up the rope ladder, his foot got tangled and he looked visibly troubled.Also, he failed to conquer the Jump Hang obstacle and fell into the water below.When he emerged, looking disappointed with himself, Peh hugged and comforted him, saying It's okay baby, I still love you.She told TNP later I think he did great, although he has been very nervous for the past few days.I have to say, I was more nervous for the other contestants than him.Tonelli was joined by other local celebrities such as Nat Ho, 27, Paul Foster, 31, Jimmy T, 48, Sylvia Ratonel, 24, and Koh Yah Hwee, 25.And none of them had it easy on the course.The sun was merciless during the shoot and they all left nursing rope burns on their hands.Actor-singer Ho said My only thought was to get on the other side at all cost (for the Tarzan Swing and Rope Ladder). Only when I pressed the buzzer did I realise both my palms had blisters and were bleeding.My next thought was that I cannot play Diablo 3 for a while.I didn't really prepare (for Sasuke Singapore). I just watched some YouTube videos and followed my normal exercise routine because I didn't have much of an idea of what to prepare for.Singapore Idol 3 runner-up Ratonel suffered even more severe rope burns and was seen being attended to by medical personnel at the scene.The singer was heard gasping in pain and kept telling the medics not to press on her wounds.Koh also didn't expect the obstacles to be so tough. While she was on the platform to prepare for the Tarzan Swing and Rope Ladder, the actress kept shouting It is different up here!She added I exercised and did some yoga. I honestly thought it was going to be easy, but it is no joke at all.When I started writing this piece, I wanted to emphasise how difficult Sasuke actually is.Especially after suffering through the sweltering Sentosa heat and coming back to the office with the salty taste of seawater and defeat still lingering in my mouth.After all, who hasn't let out a snigger at a bunch of ninja wannabes as their hopes ended in the drink.Like me, you've also probably felt that, if it were you in their place, clearing those obstacles would have been easy peasy.However, if you took that attitude with you for an actual Sasuke run-down, you'd be in the dunk in no time.Even the Sextuple Step - the first and supposedly easiest obstacle - was a rather daunting prospect up close.While clearing it built up some confidence, any wee bit of hope of completing my stint as a ninja star was snuffed out by the second obstacle, the Jump Hang.Leaping off a trampoline to a cargo net sounds easy, doesn't it?Well, unless you spend at least a third of your day springing off a trampoline, it's almost impossible to get the technique right on the first try.I didn't even come close to grabbing the net and I went straight down into the watery grave below.Well, at least I could comfort myself knowing that pretty much everyone who failed the course fell at the same spot I did.Yet, as I watch the playback of everyone's moment of ignominy, the montage of splashes left me in stitches.No offence meant, but there's something about watching this whole thing on a screen that removes any sort ofempathy.So while my pride asks that you be kind and remember that Sasuke is tough, feel free to laugh at my expense after you've zapped the QR code for the video we shot.I know I did.A week before my first-hand Sasuke Singapore experience, my friends wanted to make sure I did not humiliate myself and made me "work out" - by running and carrying their heavy items - to tone up.One even wagered that I wouldn't make it past the first obstacle, so I was particularly determined to prove him wrong (and I did).With more than two hours before my turn on the set of Sasuke Singapore at Sentosa , I was extremely nervous, to the point of actual quivering.Fear has that effect on me.That the sun was beating down relentlessly and sucking the energy from my body every minute I stood there, did not help my cause.I think I even croaked when one of the organisers announced that it was finally my turn to get on the course.It got extremely nerve-racking as the crowd started to swell, but I consoled myself that no one was expecting much from me - after all, I wasn't expecting much from myself.I was told that not a single girl had even gone past the third obstacle.I am 165cm, weigh 45kg and am not exactly the fittest and sportiest girl around.Mentally, I had given up even before I set foot on the course.There was some hesitation when the buzzer went off, but the adrenaline kicked in and I managed to get through the Sextuple Step - barely.The Sasuke Singapore producer was trying to be kind, getting people to cheer me on for the Jump Hang, but in my mind, I was stabbing him repeatedly for drawing attention my way. I didn't want them looking when I fell into the water below.But I did, and it was so refreshing.What must have been the longest, and most gruelling, minute of my life was finally over.

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