Sarah Lian wants to Kung Fu Fight her way to stardom

3 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: AsiaOneSarah Lian has set her sights on becoming an action star.She first shot to fame as the Internet Ah Moi in the 2010 MyEG commercial.The 29-year-old then went international, playing a sexy shopaholic (in the Hong Kong produced comedy Mister French Taste) and an edgy-looking hacker (in US online crime drama Cybergeddon), this year.In an interview with the Daily Chilli, the doe-eyed Malaysian actress, now based in Vancouver, Canada, revealed an interest in equipping herself with martial arts skills to pursue action roles."Kung Fu is a must. Naturally, for many of the roles that I auditioned for in Canada, one question that always comes up is 'Do you do martial arts?' As an Asian, you have to sort of expect that because of people like Bruce Lee and Michelle Yeoh," she said.But it's not just the moves that matter, said the Taiping-born, Vancouver-bred beauty."It's more of the ability to move a certain way, to understand what the choreographer and set coordinator want you to do. It's much more important than how high you can kick or how strong you are," she explained.It helps that she had done taekwondo before."There are some parts of me that are coordinated [laughs]. And I enjoy working out. Still, it comes as a bit of a challenge."I did some basic martial arts training in Toronto for a couple of months. Then I started filming and my schedule got kind of crazy. So I had to stop. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it again in Malaysia. I heard the wushu team here is amazing," said Sarah, who named Indonesian crime thriller The Raid: Redemption as her favourite actioner.

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