Sandra Ng shows off her chest again for new movie -- as a man

24 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Sandra Ng’s Golden Chicken (金雞) series is a blockbuster hit.

Her third instalment of Golden Chicken sss (金雞sss), released during the lunar New Year, even surpassed HK$42 million at the box office sales and topped the Hong Kong film chart this year.

According to Asianpopnews via HK Channel, Sandra will be launching a new film 12 Golden Ducks, which centres on the theme of gigolo for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

For Golden Chicken sss, Sandra had to put on a gigantic pair of 38G fake breasts onto her chest. In 12 Golden Ducks, Sandra will transform into a hot hunk with eight pack abs.

Sandra revealed that her muscular body was created by the same artist who created her 38G breasts. She said: “Emphasis was on the chest the last time. However, this time, it focuses on the upper body, so I have to work hard to exercise and diet.

“The man-made muscular body’s skin has a certain thickness. If my body is not thin enough, it will look very swollen. I cannot even think about skipping exercise. I even have to eat just chicken and vegetables, like the male models. I have to keep my body slim!”

Sandra also commented that she was not used to wearing her man-made skin initially, and felt “naked”.

“I know that it is just a piece of skin, but I still feel very embarrassed. The skin now has become part of me, and it looks real!

“Although I admire male models’ bodies, I am still different from them. I do not have to train for the body; I just have to spend a few hours to draw the skin.”

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