Sandra Ng lost so much weight that even Chapman To is jealous?

30 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu arrived in Italy to attend the Udine Far East Film Festival. Yesterday, she met up with Chapman To Man Chak, his wife Kristal Tin Yui Nei, director Pang Ho Cheung and Matt Chow Hoi Kwong.

Aside from attending screenings, they also tried a nine course meal at a Michelin-rated restaurant. During the meal, they talked and took photos. In the end, Pang Ho Cheung paid.

Chapman To joked about him eating so much that he had to carry his belly out and said that it would be very hard to have dinner with this group in Hong Kong.

According to a report on Hktopten, he was also very happy that Sandra Ng took time to attend his 3D NAKED AMBITION (3D HO CHING) events.

Speaking of Kwan Yu slimming down a lot, was Chapman envious? He joked, "Sandra is a person and knows how to weigh her options as well as how she eats."

Photo 1 in the gallery shows how thin Sandra Ng looks like now. Compare it to the rest of her photos to see the striking difference.

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