Sandra Ng hates kissing scenes -- even if the co-star was handsome

18 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Sandra Ng, Wong Jing, Rose Chan, Wong Cho Lam and Philip Ng attended the promotional event for new film Princess & Seven Kungfu Masters on Saturday (Feb 16).Oriental Daily reported that Sandra complained about her kiss scene with Eric Tsang in the film, she said: "Eric acted like the kiss was in some romantic film or something, he was so serious and got my face all wet from the kiss. He was also NGing so much, he totally took advantage of me! I suspect he did it on purpose too! Oh well, that's my gift for his 60th birthday!She added: "Actually, I have always hated kiss scenes, even if my partner is a handsome man, I still hate it and we don't know each other well. I just don't understand why they always pick me to do the kiss scenes! There are times where I bring my toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash to the set, then I brush my teeth right in front of my co-star, so I could imply to them that he should brush once before we start shooting! (Why don't you just announce you won't do kiss scenes anymore?) I can't do that, I'm an actress!"

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