Sammi Cheng goes on humanitarian mission to help reunite separated family

24 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Sammi Cheng recently travelled to Yunnan’s mountainous regions to film a television special for nowTV, hoping to raise awareness of the area’s impoverished conditions.The program also showcases the charity efforts of non-profit Heifer International, a global organization that aims to end hunger and poverty by providing livestock, edible plants, and agricultural training to needy families.According to a Sing Tao report, the show, Follow Mi Sammi Cheng and Heifer’s Journey to Yunnan Mountainous Regions , documented Sammi’s experiences while living with three local families.Sammi cheerfully accepted the mission and walked away with a new appreciation for the strength and perseverance of the struggling people.Ever the humanitarian, Sammi has donated much of her time and resources to charities in the past.She vowed to give back to the community every year, and has thus far donated over a seven-digit sum to various organizations.She also personally volunteers her time at hospitals, and has travelled to Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, and Ethiopia to visit their hungry children.Sammi has also sponsored over 22 children all over the world, spreading her love to those who need it the most.During the Yunnan trip, Sammi visited a family that was able to turn their lives, around due to assistance from Heifer International. The Cao family was broken up because Mr. and Mrs. Cao were away most of the year doing odd jobs to put bread on the table.With Heifer’s help, the Caos are able to reunite and raise livestock in their own home. Sammi was able to see the family’s success first-hand. “The Caos now have cement floors in their house, a big improvement from their previous dirt floors.After receiving assistance from Heifer International, they now own 30 pigs and can fully sustain themselves with their livestock and harvests.‘Sammi also took the opportunity to praise Heifer International, applauding their spirit of giving.“I really like Heifer’s concept of ‘˜pass it forward’. Families that benefited from the program often promise to extend their help to other families in need‘, she said.

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