Sammi Cheng celebrates 41st birthday with Andy Lau

20 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Sammi Cheng celebrated her 41st birthday with her friends, reports TVB News World.
Sammi dined with Andy Lau, Johnnie To, and drank to her heart's content and even perked her mouth when taking photographs, but her boyfriend Andy Hui was nowhere in sight in the photographs.
Sammi uploaded the photographs to her blog, in the photo that she took with Andy, she blinked her eyes and perked her mouth.
She wrote, “In a certain night last week, it was my first birthday dinner which I celebrated with a group of good friends. Andy don’t drink alcohol, thus I could only drink to my hearts content with Johnnie! The food is good, red wine is good, but our friendship is the best! Delighted to have a satisfying and touching night. (soon 40+1 mi, thank god)”
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