Sammi Cheng admits to being a selfish person who bullied her assistant

5 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Lai Chi San's program Telling Maria aired its first episode with an interview with Liu Xiaoqing during the National Day holiday and received 21 point ratings (around 1.34 million viewers).

According to an article in hktopten, the response to Sammi Cheng Sau Man's interview on the show has also been good and she was confident that the ratings would rise again.

Two nights ago, in her interview, Sammi said that she was a typical Leo.

She wanted perfection in everything that she did, and when she could not achieve her own demand, she would easily throw a tantrum.

She would take it out on those around her.

She was thus given the nickname "Smelly Four", which she was unhappy about.

Why did they not call her "grinning Cheng"? Luckily, she says, she has already successfully shaken off this nickname.

Speaking of her former assistant Ah Song who left under unpleasant circumstances, she said that at the time, she was very mean to Ah Song and often bullied her.

She said that she has personally apologized to Ah Song many times and now their relationship is great.

She felt that when she was younger she did not know how to handle stress.

In a hurry to move up, she became very self centered, selfish and made herself very unhappy.

She also once lost weight excessively and admitted that she was a "weight loss disorder believer".

For awhile she thought she would be thin as long as she starved, which was very unhealthy. She had no energy and even fainted at home, but after regaining consciousness she still did not eat.

She only took diet pills. She was very extreme.

Lai Chi San said, "When Sammi talked about her former assistant Ah Song, she was very touching! Ah Song was an alumni of my school.

"Originally she agreed to make a video in response to Sammi, but she was shy and turned it down.

"Privately, she said that Sammi was not as bad as the public made her out to be." 

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