Samantha Ko breaks down while denying relationship with TVB boss

23 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldSamantha Ko was accompanied by TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) at TVB City for a press conference regarding the recent magazine cover story.The story reported that Samantha Ko had successfully "kicked out" Kate Tsui because TVB's boss Chan Kwok Keung is "romantically interested" in Samantha.It was reported she is now known as the "female boss" to everyone within TVB. Samantha came out to clarify how wronged she felt. She expressed in tears that every artist within TVB takes it one step at a time to get to where they are today, and they don't rely on relationships or anything. She was also grateful for Kate Tsui comforting her.Samantha expressed she felt very unhappy about the report and denounced the report is not true at all, therefore she must clarify. She did not depend on relationships or connections to get to where she is at today and she does not hope all her hard work and future goes to waste because of these negative news. She is also afraid this would affect how the public thinks of her and her reputation. She continued and said this is not her first time having false news written about her, such as buying new cars and homes or dating wealthy businessmen. As for the rumor that she and TVB boss Chan Kwok Keung are in a relationship, Samantha said: "I know he is the boss, but I have never been in contact with him before. Also, the report has affected my parents, they are worried. Just by this single fabricated report, we are all unhappy." At one point, Samantha felt so wronged she teared up, and stressed nobody at TVB is calling her "Lo Ban Leung" ("female boss", wife of the boss). She said: "I just feel shocked and wronged. Time after time, there are these fake stories. Actually I don't know how to explain it, I just feel helpless."Mr Tsang Sing Ming expressed: "Today TVB is formally taking legal action against that magazine publication and will be sending out a lawyer's letter demanding for their responsibility towards this issue. Also, effect immediately, all reporters from this magazine company are prohibited to enter TVB City and prohibited to interview artists in all TVB-related events until further notice." Mr Tsang expressed this action is requested by the boss Chan Kwok Keung, "We must protect our artists and safeguard TVB's reputation and rights because it is all false and fabricated. We will not handle these situations like how we did in the past, taking legal action is hoping to discontinue fabricated stories/news. If we do not take action to stop this, these things will just go on and on."

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