Samantha Ko and Oceane Zhu don't mind being 'the third party'

17 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Many female actresses are afraid of being stereotyped as a 'third party' by the audience after portraying roles like those, but Samantha Ko and Oceane Zhu will gladly accept the roles.However, while they are willing to portray these characters in reel life, they are highly against being third parties in real life.Samantha told Oriental Daily: “Maybe it’s because during my first two years in the industry, I had no experience with dramas, unlike others who get to film one after the next. So every time I was cast, I see it as an opportunity. These types of roles allow for more development. An actress has to portray all types of characters. It’s okay as long as they don’t bring it into their real-life personality!‘Speaking of real life, Samantha exclaimed, “I would definitely not [be a third party]! This is an issue of conduct. I live in a happy family, and I always feel that a family needs to have responsibility. When I date, I have my own criterion. Someone who already has a girlfriend is already off my list. Those with wives are even farther off my list.‘If Samantha does happen to end up in a triangle relationship, she insisted she would be the one who leaves right away. “My family is pretty traditional. My uncle is a soldier, and everything he does is very disciplined. I am very, traditional in terms of love. They have always instilled this in me, and it makes me feel that family education is very important.‘Like Samantha, Oceane sees third party roles as opportunities. “I don’t resist portraying third party roles, because I want to try roles with a bad image. I can give the audience a fresh feeling. Portraying the same type of character all the time would bore viewers.‘Oceane revealed that her family would support and understand her decisions. “Portraying a third party is a bit awkward, but I’m not afraid of worrying my family. I phone them at least once a day, and I’m already used to it for many years. They understand my personality well, and know it’s only for filming purposes.‘If a friend ends up in this kind of situation in real life, Oceane would try to persuade her to exit the relationship. Is she afraid of meeting a third party in real life? “Nope. Having competition is a positive thing. It means I have good taste, and I chose well!‘ She said. However, Oceane finds it unacceptable if her future husband is unfaithful.With a hearty personality, Oceane does not lack pursuers, but she admits she is a person slow to warm up. “It’s hard for me to truly love someone, or maybe it just takes a long time for me to realize it. The guys wait for a year, and, when I finally get the feeling, I don’t even know where they went!‘Oceane further expressed that she is most afraid of ambiguous relationships. “I know the difference between a friend and a lover. I dislike the feeling of uncertainty, because I don’t want to have misunderstandings. If I do have feelings for someone, I would keep some distance and look carefully first. But they usually don’t have that much patience.‘

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