Sally Yeh says marriage to George Lam lacks excitement

10 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The New PaperHas the romance between Sally Yeh and her fellow celebrity husband fizzled out after 16 years of marriage?While the 51-year-old veteran Hong Kong-based songbird did not explicitly say it, it was clear from her nonchalant replies that she and her spouse, 65-year-old moustached crooner George Lam, were long past the lovey-dovey honeymoon phase."George and I started out as very good friends and that's what we are like right now - great friends and great family members," she told local reporters in a phone interview from Hong Kong.Yeh, best known for her mellifluous voice and her 90s hits Cool Walk, Heartbroken In The Past and A Woman's Tears, will be here next month for a solo concert at The Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo."Our lives are pretty simple. When he's free, he'll ask me out for a meal. Sometimes we'd catch movies with a group of friends."It's quite rare for us to go out on a date, so when that happens, it's nice." According to Hong Kong tabloids, Yeh and Lam's marriage hasn't been a bed of roses.In 2005, she was alleged to have cheated on Lam with a badminton instructor called Mike.Up till last year, there were still reports about her and Lam "leading separate lives" and "sleeping in separate beds".While she did not address the rumours during our interview, she was upfront about the lack of excitement in her marriage.Does she still look out for little romantic surprises from Lam?"Oh my, no. I can't remember how long ago I had something like that; it's been too many years," she said with a laugh."Anyway, I'm never one for romance, I don't like candlelit dinners, flowers, or walks on beaches, I'll be quite put-off by guys who do that."I like men who are down-to-earth and straightforward, the sort who'd invite me to eat at a roadside stall!"It doesn't help that she and Lam do not share the same interests.Yeh, a badminton enthusiast, has recently taken up Latin dance classes - expect a sizzling dance performance at her concert - and loves challenging herself with different dances, be it jive, cha-cha, samba, foxtrot or rumba.Don't expect to see Lam grooving with her."George doesn't like dancing; he prefers golf," she said flatly."Well, I still join him for golf sometimes."The pair do not have any children of their own, but Lam has a son and daughter from his previous marriage.Yeh is especially close to Lam's 27-year-old son, Alex Lam Tak-Shun, who made a special appearance at her concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in September.Alex is pursuing a singing career, and has his dad's and stepmother's wholehearted support."Initially, I was a little surprised, because when Alex was younger, he didn't express any showbiz ambitions," said Yeh."It's good to see him so committed... On our part, we constantly remind him to be serious and professional."The one thing she isn't quite fond about Alex?His facial hair.Lately, Alex has decided to follow in his dad's footsteps - anyone remember George Lam's famous 1993 Guinness Stout television commercial? - and has started growing a moustache."I don't like it," exclaimed Yeh."Every day, I press him to shave it off, but he doesn't listen."

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