Russian actor wakes up with every guy's nightmare after hooking up with woman at bar

1 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

A Russian actor woke up after a night out with a woman -- and found his testicles missing.

According to Elite Daily, soap opera star Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, went to a bar after a theater performance in Moscow. A young blonde woman then joined him for some more drinks and invited him to go to the sauna with her. Nikolaev said yes, even though he was married.

A police source said, "They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing."

Nikolaev found himself the next morning at a bus stop -- in pain and with blood on his pants.

At the hospital, doctors revealed his testicles had been removed. The procedure appeared to instead have been completed by a medical professional.

Police believe Nikolaev’s beer was laced with a roofie-like substance before someone with the skills of a learned doctor removed his testicles. Police think the organs were intended to be sold for profit.

Nikolaev apparently had to choose a new line of work after losing his testicles and is currently working as an animator for children’s television or movies.

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