Rumours say actress who had affair with Chinese actor went for abortion

4 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Chinese actor, Wen Zhang comes clean on his extra-marital affair with actress Yao Di and apologised to his wife, Ma Yili on his Weibo on Monday.

The 29-year-old confessed to cheating on his wife after intimate photographs of him and his Naked Wedding <裸婚時代> co-star, Yao Di was circulating online.

Since news of their affair broke out, Yao Di was harshly criticised by the public, with some netizens calling for her to quit the entertainment industry.

According to Nownews via Asianpopnews, family and friends of Yao Di reportedly have lost contact with the actress as she refused to answer their calls or reply to their text messages.

A source close to Yao Di has jumped in to defend her and disclosed that Yao Di had gone for an abortion for Wen Zhang. The source said, “Yao Di went for an abortion for Wen Zhang, and did not utter a single word. Do you know how sad she is?”

The source also criticised Wen Zhang. “She is so foolish to believe that you [referring to Wen Zhang] will fulfil your promise to divorce your wife in May. She ends up being scolded by the public.”

Some netizens refuse to believe the abortion rumours, citing that it could be a smokescreen by Yao Di’s agency to salvage her tarnished image.

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