Ruco Chan thinks matchmaking sessions are good experiences

14 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Artiste Vivian Yeo and her family placed a seven-figure investment to open a shop selling beauty and slimming products.

She invited Ruco Chan as the guest for the opening ceremony and the organisation committee arranged bikini models to be the demonstrators.

In addition, Vivian disclosed that her sister flew from Malaysia to support her and took a photo together with them.

When asked if Vivian's sister was suitable for him, Ruco changed the topic and finally revealed that it was similar to matchmaking upon being asked thrice from the reporters.

Ruco felt that matchmaking was very common and did not mind going to matchmaker, reports ON.CC.

He said "Matchmaking is an experience and helps to improve my acting experience. My friends want to introduce their girl friends to me."

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