Ruco Chan and Ankie Beilkie don't deny dating rumours

9 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Ruco Chan and his co-star Ankie Beilkie are reportedly in a relationship and neither denied the possibility.

Meeting on the set of the movie Brother’s Keeper, 36-year-old Ruco and 30-year old Ankie quickly became close and may have developed more than just a simple friendship.

Ruco, who has remained single since breaking up with his former love Eunis Yiu in 2010, first hinted his admiration for Ankie in January of this year, reports Jaynestars.

When the media contacted Ankie to ask about her relationship with Ruco, she insisted that the two are only good friends, though she finds Ruco “very humble, very nice, educated, and good looking.”

On the rumours of Ruco pursuing her, Ankie said, “We are a good fit and have a lot to chat about. We talk over the phone. Pretty good!”

When asked if Ruco is her first Chinese boyfriend, Ankie replied that she has never dated a Chinese man, but would like to try.

Reporters then asked Ankie how her mother, actress Ankie Lau Heung Ping, feels about Ruco.

She said, “Mom thinks he’s great and knows that he cares about me.” Reporters also reached out to Ruco regarding this rumor.

He denied that their concert outing was a date, saying that he had earlier promised to drive her to and from the venue.

When reporters mentioned that Ankie had praised him, Ruco quickly asked to find out what she had said.

Asked what he thinks about Ankie, Ruco praised her for being smart and for her cooking abilities, which he observed from watching her on cooking programs.

When reporters mentioned that Ankie’s mother also spoke highly of him, Ruco said, “Really? Maybe her mom wants to introduce girls to me.”

As for whether he and Ankie may develop something further, Ruco stated, “I don’t know how to answer. Let’s see if there is an opportunity.

"We contact each other whenever she is in Hong Kong. It all depends on fate!”

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