Ruby Lin defends Wallace Huo against prostitution rumours

14 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

“I believe that the rumour is false and he (Wallace) was being framed,” said Taiwanese actress, Ruby Lin during an interview with reporters to clear the air about good friend Wallace Huo’s alleged scandalous one-night affair with a club hostess.

Ruby, who had spoken to Wallace over the phone after the rumour made headlines last Friday, added, “He is feeling rather dejected about the matter now and it’s quite sad to see him like this. The whole incident is unlike his usual practice. She (the club hostess) has gone too far.”

According to previous reports, Wallace allegedly had a one-night stand with a club hostess known as “Wu Wei Pin” last year. The incident surfaced when “Wu Wei Pin” posted about her encounter with the latter on weibo last July.

According to an Asianbite article, she wrote, “I feel so overwhelmed today. My idol (and also the subject of my sexual fantasies) spent the night at my house. It’s a pity he didn’t allow me to take a photo because he’s an A-lister! I can only say that I will never forget this moment.”

Wrapping up the interview, Ruby encouraged the 32-year-old actor, “It’s not the time to be low-profile. If you don’t come out to clarify soon, the audience will think that the rumour is true.”

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