Roy Chiu reveals his secret fear that makes him avoid hotels

27 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago
Taiwanese drama star, Roy Chiu, recently revealed his fear when travelling.

According to an article in Drama Fever, he recently took a stress-relief vacation by visiting Tokyo.

He backpacked and stayed in a capsule hotel, (kapsule hotelru in Japanese,) where people are essentially pigeonholed in units stacked up like person-sized container boxes.

As Roy can certainly afford a suite at any luxury hotel, the reason that he stayed in the capsule hotel was quite a surprise to everyone: he's afraid of ghosts.

If he has to stay in a regular hotel, he follows a special routine to avoid running into ghosts.

He said, "Do not stay in a room that's at the end. Knock on the door before you enter, and step inside with the left foot first."

His fear of ghosts is so severe that he has even turned down several new films involving ghosts or scary plots.

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