Ris Low ignores comments on her weight gain in debut flick

13 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Chubby cheeks. Flabby arms. Thick waistline. These are the nightmares of most weight-watching women, let alone beauty pageant contestants. But dethroned Miss World Singapore Ris Low, 23, boasts all of the above – and she carries her extra pounds with a wide, radiant smile.

The New Paper met her yesterday to talk about her debut lead role in local slasher flick Justice Devil. After the trailer of the film made its way to YouTube last week, most comments were directed at her flab instead of her acting ability.

“I can’t be bothered by what people say about my weight,” said Low. “Being healthy is what’s most important. I feel very healthy now... Anyway, being fat doesn’t mean you are unhealthy.”

Read the full report in The New Paper.

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