Rihanna accuses Rita Ora of copying her music ... and style

6 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Bang Showbiz NewsMove over, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj: A new girl fight is brewing.In the music world, rivalries between female artists aren't a rare phenomenon, as the recent divalicious showdown between the two American Idol judges has shown.But, a more interesting feud is the one between Barbadian pop princess Rihanna and British singer Rita Ora. See, the two are supposed to be playing for the same team, so to speak.Both artists are the protegees of rapper Jay-Z, and are signed on to the mogul's Roc Nation record label.Here's RiRi's beef: Kosovo- born Ora, 22, is stealing the 24-year-old's thunder. Worse, she's doing it by jacking the gal's style.One need look only at Ora's debut album to see that the We Found Love singer might just have a point.The former's 12-track album, Ora, recalls the latter's work in various ways, from the thumping dance beats littered throughout to the sultry Rihanna-esque moan she puts to use on songs like Shine Ya Light.Oh, and how about the fact that the lead single - moody, synth-fuelled, Drake-penned RIP (feat. Tinie Tempah) - was written originally for RiRi?Tsk, tsk. Very naughty.Now, while the music is accessible and catchy, what's disappointing is that Ora - who split recently with her boyfriend, Rob Kardashian - seems to have reined in her own charisma (c'mon girl, we know it's in there somewhere) in order to ape Rihanna.But, while you might say that the lass is suffering some sort of identity crisis, her peer is taking charge of her life, serving up a massive kiss-off to critics with her seventh album, Unapologetic.Most of the scorn is directed undoubtedly at those who have voiced disapproval at her reunion with her former boyfriend, Chris Brown (the guy who assaulted her in 2009).Thus, one of the highest points of the 14-song record is her duet with Brown on Nobody's Business.The tune features old-school, 1980s R&B beats and an uber-infectious chorus that recalls Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel.But, for the rest of the songs - as she waxes lyrical about living in the moment (Right Now feat. David Guetta) and losing control in relationships (Numb feat. Eminem) - one can't shake the feeling that it's all been heard before.Ultimately, Rihanna needs to shake things up if she wants to stay on top of her game.Otherwise, newcomers, like Ora, might just be able to overshadow her.

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