Rift between Francis Ng and Fala Chen is just "baseless rumour"

27 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Popular AsiansA rumoured rift between Triumph in the Skies stars Francis Ng and Fala Chen that occured on set was dismissed by the show's producer, Sharon Au, as an erroneous report on the Hong Kong tabloids.She said: "The rumors are totally baseless. The reports were exaggerations of a scene from the drama they shared together a few days ago."Francis and Fala had previously collaborated in a film together, so they already have tacit understanding of each other. The whole production team knows that these rumors are not true. Fala’s love for acting is growing stronger, and she is a very hardworking actress. Why would Francis be angry at her?"A crew member of Triumph in the Skies 2 confirmed Sharon Au’s statements to the media, and said, “Francis and Fala got along really well on set. Francis takes really good care of Fala, and he is also a great mentor to her.‘Fala Chen also dispelled the rumors in a long-distanced phone interview with the Hong Kong press. She laughed as she explained: “Francis is my idol! I will definitely do all my homework, and I will cherish all the learning opportunities he has provided me."I am very happy and blessed with this trip. Not only do I get to earn money for filming, I also get to travel to Europe as my first overseas filming experience, and I get to have my own personal teacher (Francis)."Over 80 percent of my scenes for this trip will be with Francis, and he has led me well. Of course, this means that I must work even harder than before! Francis is really good at what he does. Not only is he an excellent actor, he is also very good at taking care of others. He will often pinpoint the parts I performed poorly in, and he will not hold back with the criticism. My pockets are very full!‘In the same phone interview, Francis Ng also denied the rumors and said: "They were all just for laughs. The tabloid reporter also apologized to us. I do curse, but never to a woman. After these rumors, I don’t think Fala and I will be rumored to be lovers next, right?‘

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