Ridiculous hero, skinny love interest and silly villain: What fans hate about Iceman 3D

5 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Donnie Yen plays a martial artist who not only fights like a champ, he's also got miraculous healing skills, rescues people in the blink of an eye, and is even an expert cook -- prompting critics to call his character unrealistic.

Iceman 3D stars Donnie Yen as He Ying, a martial arts expert who has time-traveled from the Ming Dynasty to present-day Hong Kong.

The multi-talented 'perfect man' goes on to save the day in grand style -- although the film's ending falls far short of any kind of clear conclusion, clearly paving the way for a sequel in the near future.

This has prompted many to compare the film to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, both of which ended on cliffhangers, which had fans muttering about 'sequel-baiting'.

Also high on the list of fans' criticisms was the painful overacting of Wang Baoqiang, who plays a caricature of an evil royal guard, and Eva Huang, who looked terribly underweight in her nude scene.

Despite these criticisms however, Iceman 3D opened to nearly 70 million RMB in sales on April 24 -- a good sign at least, for the film's inevitable sequel.

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