Rich Russian teen offers people money to drink his urine, strip in public and do more humiliating things

30 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

The grandson of a Russian multi-millionaire named Igor Neklyudov has been making waves online -- because of his bizarre antics -- when it comes to showing off his wealth.

The 16-year-old named Grigory Mamurin made a video of himself asking people to perform humiliating tasks which included stripping in public and drinking his urine in exchange for huge sums of money.

While most walked away from him, there were some who decided to accept his offer, reports Oddity Central via

The video was shot in Moscow’s Gorky Park  and gained over a million views since its upload on popular video sharing site, YouTube.

The video starts with the teen saying “Today we have come to Gorky Park in order to find out how much humiliation people are ready to experience for the sake of money”.

He then proceeds to ask several passersby if they would consider drinking a glass of urine if he paid them 10,000 to 15,000 roubles ($200 to $300).

Many of them walk away, disgusted. Howeever, a man decides to take up the challenge and tries to chug a jar of Grigory’s urine, gagging and spluttering the whole time.

There’s also a woman in the video who strips in a busy square, in exchange for money.

But not all were as polite when it came to rejectig Grigory's ridiculous challenges.

One man seated on a park bench, punched the teenager in the face and knocked him down to the ground.

The video ends with Grigory and his friend buying two 2,500-rouble jars of raw red caviar for a couple of homeless men who have to eat all of it to get their financial reward.

“I do not criticise these people. I think each of them has problems which makes them do this,” Grigory said.

“I wanted to do something interesting, that people would like, something unusual. This is how the project was born, it shows what our society is ready to do for the sake of money. It has elements of show.”

Not many people who watched the video could see his point, though. Several commenters condemned him for his actions.

“I think this guy should visit a psychiatrist – he suffers from sadism,” one person wrote. “I only hope now no single University will take him,” said another.

Grigory’s parents and grandfather don’t find the video amusing either.

“I should say they do not approve of it,” he said.

“But they don’t stop me. This is a rule in our family – even if you do not approve of something, you must respect what the others do. I can go on with the project.”

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