Revealed: The identity of 'fake Psy' who appeared at Cannes

27 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

After fooling celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival by turning up in a similar get-up to Gangnam Style maestro Psy, the identity of the 'double' has been officially revealed.The doppleganger went around the festival singing Psy's smashing hit, and even had an entourage of three bodyguards follow him around.He was also able to trick numerous celebrities and drink fancy wine in club VIP rooms.A source at the film festival said that the imposter is a 34-year-old man named Denis Carre, who hails from a small French town named Blanzat.His identity has since been confirmed, according to a report on Soompi. report.Carre was interviewed by the SBS news team, and revealed that he was actually born in Seoul -- his birth name is Kim Jae Wan -- but got adopted in France when he was three years old."At clubs, I heard that I look a lot like Psy, which is why I decided to impersonate him. Psy has changed my life. I am not that good at Korean and I haven’t been to Korea yet."Because of Psy, Korea’s image has become so good, I would like to meet Psy in person."

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