Reporters ask Cecilia Cheung about her health -- but she gives them this unexpected response

15 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Two days ago, Myolie Wu and her boyfriend, Philip Lee were shopping in the Central.

Also, Cecilia Cheung , Loletta Chu and her husband, Vincent Lo also made their appearances in Central.

Cecilia Cheung was wearing a mask and waiting for her car outside the Central Building, reports Asian E-News Portal

The reporters asked if she wore mask due to sickness, Cecilia said:

"No. It depends on the situation. You (reporters) should wear masks as well so as not to infect the elderly. (Any plans on Valentine's Day?) You should know tomorrow!"

Thereafter, Loletta Chu and her husband, Vincent Lo were also waiting for their car outside the Central Building.

But, they did not answer any questions and left.

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