Remember 'Little Psy'? He's now a singer

7 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Do you know who “Little Psy‘ is? His name is Hwang Minwoo and he made an appearance at the beginning of the Gangnam Style music video at 8 years of age.Hwang first appeared on SBS’ “Star King‘ back in 2010. Later, he was approached by PSY, who was impressed by his dance moves, reports Oh K Pop. The rest they say, is history.Well, it looks like 'Little Psy' is all grown up and now he is debuting as a singer. On March 6, he introduced his debut album “Show+Time.‘ Hwang is a second grader at Odung Elementary School in Gwangju and has danced since he was three months old, according to his parents.According to an article in Korea Times, Hwang’s agency calls him a dance prodigy, claiming he has an outstanding sense of rhythm and beat. He was born to a Korean father and a Vietnamese mother.His mother, Vu Thi ly, said Hwang was famous in his town even before “Gangnam Style‘ became a smash hit last year but after that, his popularity soared.Photos 1 to 10 show 'Little Psy' while the rest of the gallery show pictures of Psy, the K-Pop artiste renowned for his Gangnam Style video.

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