Remember the legend? You might see a Leslie Cheung musical in 2016

6 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

It has been 11 years since the passing of legendary pop icon Leslie Cheung. On April 1, the anniversary of his death, around 200 gathered at the place where Leslie passed away on April 1, 2003.

Playing Leslie’s classic songs in the background, the fans held a candlelight vigil outside the Jardine House at 6:43 pm, reports Jayne Stars

Despite the stormy weather, the fans kept together and had a tearful minute of silence for the late singer and actor.

Fans from around the world also paid their respects to Leslie at different locations. Japanese fans folded 921 origami cranes and sent them to Po Fook Hill, where Leslie’s spirit tablet is kept.

Other fans from Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia paid tribute to Leslie at the Avenue of Stars and at the Mandarin Hotel, where Leslie jumped to his death.

Leslie’s former manager, Florence Chan (陳淑芬), revealed that she has been considering producing a musical dedicated to Leslie.

Last December in Shanghai, Mrs. Chan ran into a “respected senior”, who encouraged her pass on Leslie’s legacy through the form of a musical.

Many loyal fans of Leslie also asked Mrs. Chan to organize another memorial event for Leslie’s 60th birthday, in 2016. Last year, Mrs. Chan held a series of extremely profitable events, exhibitions, and tribute concerts in Hong Kong to honor Leslie.

Though the profits from the Leslie Cheung memorabilia were announced to go to charity, Hong Kong tabloids claimed that most of the earnings went to Mrs. Chan herself -- which made Mrs Chan and many fans unhappy about the rumours.

 Mrs. Chan expressed that she felt very “conflicted” about holding a musical.

She shared:

“On one hand, I’ve already decided to no longer organize public memorial events.

"On the other hand, I really want to satisfy all the demands from fans, to repay and thank them for their love for Leslie Cheung!”

Nevertheless, the former manager stated that she felt Leslie fans should be left with the final decision.

She shared the musical idea on Facebook, and announced that if the idea gets over 1 million likes, she would consider producing the musical.

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