Remember 67-year-old Thai beauty queen who didn't seem to age? New picture reveals a secret

2 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Previously, photos of 67-year-old Apasra Hongsakula had everyone gaping in shock -- how did she not seem to age at all in 50 years?

In 1965, pageant queen Hongsakula became Thailand’s first ever Miss Universe winner.

She made headlines and waves online for her baby face, because she looked not a day older than when she won the International pageant in 1965.

A newest picture has surfaced online (left), showing a much more dishevelled Hongsakula and with significantly more wrinkles.

There was however,a rumour that she went through a THB2.5 million (about S$98k) anti-ageing course.

While Apsara's manager have denied the claims, Plastytalk however, has given their analysis on what kind of facial reconstruction she must have done: 

"With age, collagen in our body starts to slow to a halt, thus contributing to the sunken looking cheeks.

"For Apasra Hongsakula to look almost 40 years younger, fillers are crucial to plump up those cheeks, making them young and youthful again.

"It’s no surprise that by age 50, wrinkles start to course through your face be like streams and rivers in the world map, but natural course of action doesn’t seem to quite take effect on Apasra Hongsakula.

"Her skin is still taut and very smooth and for that to happen, Apasra Hongsakula must have undergone an invasive surgical facelift to wipe out all hints of wrinkles."

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