Record label to pay tribute to X-Japan's hide

3 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Two new cover albums which pays to tribute to popular X-Japan guitarist hide will be released in July -- 15 years after his death.Jpopasia reported that both albums will cost 3000 Yen and drop on July 3rd. Many artists will participate in this and cover some of the guitarist's songs.Here are the albums' listings:hide TRIBUTE II -Visual SPIRITS-1.UNDER CODE PRODUCTION LAST COLLABORATION「D‘¢N‘¢A」 『Junk Story』2.GOTCHAROCKA 『OBLAAT』3.THE KIDDIE 『DAMAGE』4.Sadie 『Pink Spider』5.CELL 『HURRY GO ROUND』6.DaizyStripper 『MISERY』7.defspiral 『ever free』8.DOPPEL 『Beauty & Stupid』9.heidi. 『TELL ME』10.Hitsugi (NIGHTMARE) 『D.O.D.[DRINK OR DIE]』11.machine 『DOUBT』12.Matenrou Opera 『DICE』13.Mix Speaker’s,Inc. 『50% & 50%』hide TRIBUTE III -Visual SPIRITS-1.RShitei 『ROCKET DIVE』2.Awoi 『BACTERIA』3.A 『EYES LOVE YOU』4.Kiryu 『Pink Spider』5.Grieva 『Genkai Haretsu』6.SCREW 『DICE』7.D=OUT 『DOUBT』8.DIAURA 『Beauty & Stupid』9.DEZERT 『D.O.D.[DRINK OR DIE]』

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