Recognise these scenes? Creative parents recreate famous movies with household items -- and their baby

22 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago
This baby has the coolest parents ever and he's not even old enough to know it yet.

According to Business Insider, in September 2013, Leon Mackie and Lori Lang realized they had a lot of old cardboard boxes leftover after a series of moves over the last two years — once from Wellington, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia in 2012, and again from Melbourne to Sydney four months ago.

“We decided to do something that showed how messy and sleep-deprived our lives had become now that Orson was at the driver’s seat,” Lang explains. “That photo was the ‘Life Domestic.’ People loved it and asked for more. Suddenly we had a use for the boxes. It just went from there.”

The family of three now has a website called Cardboard Box Office with its own Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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