Recognise this star? He works in a massage parlour to make ends meet

22 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Many will recognise him in his roles as villains in various TVB series, but most would not even know his name. Despite his frequent television appearance, Eric Li remains a struggling actor for years and works as a massage parlour to make ends meet.According to an article in Jayne Stars, Eric has been with TVB for 18 years, making a paycheck of about $10,000 HKD a month. With his measly salary and unstable acting career, he relies heavily on his girlfriend of 3 years, Bobo. Although Bobo is not in the entertainment industry, she has supported Eric and remained by his side.To make ends meet, Eric also has a part-time job as a receptionist at a Thai massage parlour. From answering phones, scheduling appointments, selling massage packages to serving tea, Eric does it all.Reporters went undercover to the Thai massage parlour and witnessed firsthand how Eric caters to patrons. When they walked in, Eric cheerfully asked, “Welcome! Is it your first time?‘ and proceeds to pour tea to serve them. When the phone rang, Eric excused himself to answer the phone and book an appointment on the spot.There were some patrons that recognized Eric’s star looks and his appearance from recent TVB series, The Day of Days. When they asked him if he was the actor in that series, he embarrassingly answered, “I’m just helping out.‘

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