Rebecca Zhu's features changed so drastically, even TVB stars don't recognise her

7 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Rebecca’s features have changed so much, even her colleagues cannot recognize her, reports Popular Asians. Ron Ng, Rebecca’s costar in Silver Spoon, Sterilng Shackles, was at a loss when the reporters showed him a recent photo of Rebecca.

Ron said,“This girl… don’t know her. Who is she?” When prompted that Ron had starred with Rebecca in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Ron said, “I seriously don’t recognize her… well then… she’s still a pretty girl!” Rebecca’s other TVB colleagues, such as Lai Lok Yi, Priscilla Wong, Raymond Wong, and Him Law, also had trouble recognizing her.

When handed Rebecca’s photo with her new face, Lok Yi said, “Who is she? It’s so hard to guess, just tell me!” Priscilla said, “Uh… well, I can still recognize her eyes, but as for the other [features]… not really.”

Raymond Wong said flat out, “I don’t know her!” When told that it was Rebecca in the photo, he said, “Oh! Maybe it’s just the quality of the picture! Still quite pretty!” Him Law said, “Don’t know her!” When prompted that it was his former costar, Him said, “Hm… Rebecca Zhu?”

When asked about her slimmer jawline, Rebecca said, “I’ve been on a diet. I’ve gotten a lot skinner, and even my friends have been saying that I’ve been looking a lot skinnier! However, my mom says I’m too skinny. She doesn’t want me to keep my diet!”

Even skinnier than when she was competing for Miss Hong Kong? “I can’t say I’m skinnier than when I was still in the pageant. I guess it’s because I haven’t been exercising as much as I used to. I lost some muscle, so I appear skinnier!”

Asked for tips on how to slim just the face, Rebecca said, “My whole body has gotten smaller, not just my face! I really am mindful of what I eat and drink now. When eating hot pot with others, I just eat the vegetables!”

Did Rebecca feel that her slimmer face got her more job offers? She replied, “Thanks to my company and the producers for giving me so many opportunities!” Rebecca did not care that her new face would spur plastic surgery rumors, “I’m very happy to hear compliments on my looks, but I will not care about the gossip!”

Would she consider plastic surgery in the future? “Maybe I will consider it when I’m older, but now, it’s not necessary!” Noting that she was looking more and more like Fala Chen, Rebecca smiled, “It’s good to look like Fala. She’s so pretty and a good actress! She is my target!”

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