Rebecca Zhu teased for knowing Kenneth Ma intimately

3 March 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu attended a promotional event together yesterday.

The pair chatted like good friends despite their frequent gossip reports. Kenneth laughed and said he is not bothered by the rumors, as he has been linked with almost all of his TVB female costars with the last name Chu / Zhu, except for Mimi Chu.

Kenneth commented on his joint appearance with Rebecca, “There’s money to make and a beautiful lady to look at!” He understood that his rumors with Rebecca made it “easier for reporters to write, with more exciting for readers to enjoy.” reported that as long as he is able to receive more job opportunities, he does not mind being rumored with other colleagues. Throughout the event, Rebecca was caught smiling sweetly at Kenneth several times, reports Jayne Stars.

During the interview session, Kenneth acted like a boyfriend by answering questions for Rebecca. When asked if Kenneth plans to drive Rebecca home afterwards, Rebecca laughed and said, “We drove separately, so don’t stalk me!”

However, Kenneth did not mind heating up the rumors and added he will consider driving her home from work next time. “It’ll make more noise!” he remarked.

Currently filming Qing Dynasty drama The Paintings of Bureaucracy with Tavia Yeung, Kenneth shaved his head bald. Since this is his third time shaving his head, Kenneth has experience in how to take care of his bald scalp properly.

He is unafraid that his hair will not grow back. When Rebecca remarked Kenneth has thick hair, she was teased by the press that she knew him intimately.

She admitted to having touched Kenneth’s hair while filming Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. Both Kenneth and Rebecca look forward to working together again.

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