Is this really Huang Xiaoming's body or a case of bad photoshop?

16 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago
Huang Xiaoming recently flaunted his six-pack abs for an underwear advertisement.

According to an article in Jayne Stars, while many fans compared his toned physique to that of famed Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, others commented on the obviously airbrushed pictures.

One person, who went by the nickname 'Adonis' armor' said: "It must be hard work for the retouching artist! I guess he must be crying beside his toilet bowl now."

The pictures show the actor with briefs that look almost painted on, with his muscles bulging out unnaturally.

It's a wonder as to why there is such obvious enhancement done to the photos, when earlier reports have stated that Huang has a very strict workout routine and his results have been obvious in many of his recent movies.  

Often starting the day with an hour or more of aerobic exercise, he follows with resistance training. When training his body for An Inaccurate Memoir <匹夫>, Xiaoming ate 1,000 pieces of boiled chicken breasts, without any seasoning or condiments, for an entire year.

While he would indulge in a meal once in a while, he always makes sure to follow up with additional workouts after. Huang Xiaoming trains whenever he finds a free moment by carrying a pair of dumbbells with him at all times.

Photos 1 to 4 show snapshots of Huang Xiaoming's ad, while the rest of the gallery shows other celebs with toned physiques.

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