Reality TV crew films woman catching husband cheating on her with sexy nanny -- but that's not the most shocking part

18 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

In this viral clip, a woman is followed by a reality TV crew as she attempts to catch her husband cheating on her.

She explains to the host that she suspects her husband has been cheating on her with the nanny the couple had hired.

The host then urges her to remain calm when confronting the cheating duo, before heading into her home and up to the bedroom.

There, the woman barges into the room catch her husband and the nanny in bed. The nanny quickly tries to get dressed and leave, and the man yells at the crew to leave.

The woman, however, is incensed. Deciding that simply confronting her cheating husband was not enough, she pulls out a gun and points it at him.

The crew try to talk the woman out of shooting her husband, but she pulls the trigger.

The host then tackles the woman, but by then blood is pouring out of the wound in the husband's chest.

It is then revealed that the whole clip was an advertisement for a now-defunct profiling website which allowed you to do a background check on someone.

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