Reality show turns Korean man into "flower boy" through plastic surgery

14 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Suffering from low self-confidence due to his looks and saggy "manboobs" caused by his obesity and subsequent weight loss, South Korean Park Jin Pei turned to plastic surgery reality show "Let Me In" for help.Hong Kong's Apple Daily reported that 21-year-old Park's hatred for his appearance caused him to hole himself up at home and refuse to see strangers.

Weighing 134kg originally, he had strived hard to lose weight, but had not expected that the rapid weight loss would come with a price - saggy breasts that resembled those of an old woman.

The unexpected result caused him to withdraw into himself to a greater degree and made his parents extremely worried. Desperate to give their son happiness, they sought the help of a popular Korean variety show which specialises in transforming people with the help of plastic surgery.

The show brought in specialist physicians to transform him physically, but also convinced Park to undergo psychological help. Through the help of a psychologist, it was discovered that Park had mental trauma left over from the years of bullying he suffered in school.

The plastic surgeons decided to remove his saggy "breasts" to return his chest to the way it looked before and also alter the proportion of his face.

Park also kept up his weight loss goal throughout, the programme and managed to drop down to 68kg.

His resulting appearance was aired on Korean television and shocked his family and viewers alike.He had fat grafting done to his forehead, surgery to the eyes, nose, chest and a total of seven main parts of his body.

According to the programme, it cost an estimated 51.2 million won (S$57,497).

However, his transformation and that of many others on the show has led some to claim that the show is encouraging Koreans to go for unneccesary plastic surgery while ignoring the dangers of extreme procedures.

Source: AsiaOne YourHealth

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