The real reason why Pierre Png had no reaction when named Best Actor at Star Awards

7 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Pierre Png has revealed why he had no reaction when his name was called out for the Best Actor accolade at the Star Awards.

Believe it or not, it has to do with the pronunciation of his name.

In an interview with The Straits Times Life!, he said: “People always mispronounce my name. I’m always telling my MediaCorp colleagues that it is ‘Pi-air’, but they still call me ‘Pi-er’.

"That’s why I had no reaction at the Star Awards when (Hong Kong singer) George Lam announced my name for Best Actor.

"He said ‘Pi-air’, which is correct, and I didn’t realise he was actually calling me.”

After 16 years in showbusiness, Pierre Png has finally won his first acting award and he is not afraid to say that he deserves it.

It was for his role as villainous tin mine supervisor Heilong in the period drama series The Journey: A Voyage, who stops at nothing – including murder – to get ahead.

Days after his win, the 40-year-old star happily tells Life! that he feels extra pleased with the award, especially since it was for a role that he feels “really proud” of.

“This is the one role that will stay with me till I die. What I did for the role – the amount of time and work I put in for the character – it certainly made this the most satisfying role for me. I really put myself in the character and thought up his entire background story, to get into his head.

“And if I didn’t get an award for that, then I really cannot think of any other role in the last 16 years of my career that could possibly have gotten it. So yes, I think I deserve some credit for my effort. I cannot think of a better person for them to give the award to.”

He has been nominated for Best Actor at the Star Awards three times before -- for the dramas The Shining Star (2006), The Little Nyonya (2008) and Pillow Talk (2012) -- but lost to Li Nanxing, Chen Hanwei and Christopher Lee.

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