The real reason why Karena Ng has been looking frail and tired lately

26 July 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Already possessing a slender frame, Karena Ng (吳千語) was recently sighted having lost a significant amount of weight. Contrary to her promise to put on 10 pounds earlier, Karena appears to have lost more than 10 pounds instead.

According to Jayne Stars, when sighted by reporters outside her residence, Karena did not have any makeup on and looked very frail. In addition to looking like she had lost an entire dress size, Karena’s face was pale and her cheeks were sunken. Unlike her usual confident and cheerful self, she was reserved and evasive when reporters approached her.

Suffering from Acid Reflux?

Karena has reportedly been suffering from severe acid reflux, which not only gives her a sore throat but also causes her nausea. As Karena often threw up whatever she ate, she lost a total of 15 pounds and currently weighs a paltry 88 pounds. This is compounded by the absence of Raymond Lam (林峯), who has been filming in Inner Mongolia.

Karena’s health problems have allegedly also delayed the filming of Bounty Hunter <賞金獵人>, which was originally set to commence filming in June. Karena stars in Bounty Hunter alongside Yang Mi (楊冪) and Lee Min Ho (李敏鎬).

However, the rumors surrounding Karena’s health condition have been indirectly refuted by both Karena and her manager. When addressing questions about her health, Karena forced a smile and said, “There is nothing wrong with my health. I’ve just become fitter from working out….”

As for Karena’s manager, she asserted that Karena’s health has been in good condition, and that the actress would be well-prepared for her role in Bounty Hunter when filming commences in September.

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