The real reason why Christopher Lee keeps showing co-star Sonia Sui photos of his baby

17 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Fresh from his Golden Bell win for Best Actor, Christopher Lee easily ranks as one of the hottest actors at the moment - but none of that matters now that his baby son often hogs all the limelight, reports ST Communities.

Speaking to Life! at an interview at The Westin on Saturday afternoon, the actor and father of three-month-old baby Zed says with a laugh: "Before he was born, everyone used to refer to him as 'Chris junior'. Now that he is born, not only do they not call him 'Chris junior', they call me 'Old Zed' instead."

He adds in mock anger: "How is that acceptable? I can't believe it, calling me Old Zed. But nah, I'm just joking, of course I'm OK with him being the centre of attention."

Whenever he speaks of his son, it is clear that he is extremely happy, as he grins and laughs easily on the subject. Apparently, the proud father has also been showing off pictures of his baby to everyone around him whenever possible.

Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui, who co-stars with him in their new TV drama Mr Right Wanted, tells Life! in the same interview: "Christopher is always showing me pictures of his baby and saying how cute he is. Then he will keep saying how happy he is, and that it's about time I hurry up and get married too and feel the bliss."

Lee laughs and says: "That's because I know you are dating someone, so I want to help you push it along a little. If you were single, I wouldn't keep doing that - that would be cruel."

Sui has publicly admitted being in a long distance relationship with a man based out of Los Angeles for the past few months. 

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