Raymond's GF Karena denies she's a 'gold-digger' lusting for branded goods

8 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago
Karena Ng has found out that being the girlfriend of Raymond Lam has both benefits and drawbacks.
Although the newcomer's star has risen in recent months, she has also earned the unsavoury tag “material girl‘ from rumours and headlines, reported Next Magazine.

It has been said that Raymond often showered Karena with gifts, a rumour that Raymond himself did not deny or admit.

During their vacation in Milan, Italy in February, Raymond was seen purchasing a thousand-dollar Hermes Birkin bag for the 19-year-old.

When they returned to Hong Kong, tabloids reported that Raymond forked out millions of dollars to rent a quality estate for Karena’s parents.

It was also reported that Raymond had bought Karena a luxury sports car ‘“ the Ferrari ‘“ upon her request.

The same tabloid reporters alleged that Karena, who grew up under very humble circumstances in Sha Tin, was “pouncing‘ at every chance show off her newfound wealth.

In a casual interview with Next Magazine last Saturday (Jun 01), Karena hit out at those rumours, insisting that the claims were false and unfounded.

“Indeed, I am not from a wealthy family.

When I was very young, my father and a relative started a restaurant business.

We were, in a sense, a ‘˜normal’ family, but we were not as poor as what the tabloids made it seem.

‘When, asked if she did live in Sha Kok, a public housing estate in Sha Tin, Karena replied: “I did live there when I was very young, but only for a few months.

My parents were not in Hong Kong often, so they hired an auntie to take care of me.

Even I almost forgot about this.

I went to high school in Tai Wai, so maybe that’s why a lot of people thought I lived in Sha Kok.

‘At the mention of Karena’s materialistic rumors, the 19-year-old looked saddened, but confidently said: "I felt helpless.

We interact like any other ordinary couple.

Yes, we did go on vacation together.

"As for the [Hermes] bag, it was a Valentine’s Day gift.

I was very surprised that he gave one to me, and later I found out that he wanted us to use the same bag.

"Karena revealed that she too has “showered‘ Raymond with some costly gifts of her own.

“I gave him a series of [action] figures.

They’re pretty expensive ones too.

‘As for the rumours of Raymond purchasing a Ferrari for her, Karena shook her head, before adding: “I don’t even have a driver’s license yet.

[This rumor] is really too much.

The rumour of him renting a house for parents also crosses the line.

My parents are rarely in Hong Kong, and Raymond has never seen them before.

He doesn’t know them.

“All the designer clothes and shoes that I’ve worn have been, with me since my debut.

I use them for my work.

Although my income is not a lot, I am capable of paying for my own expenses.

‘With a career in showbiz, Karena understood that many matters were not under her control.

“I’ve always tried to maintain a positive outlook when it comes to discussions like these.

I know my own facts.

"I am not too bothered by things that are not true.

I will patiently wait for others to learn more about me and accept me.

Raymond didn’t do anything.

We all understand how this industry works, so we will not always remind ourselves of [the rumors].'
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