Raymond's father sets down condition for his marriage -- to protect inheritance from Karena

5 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Madly in love with 20-year-old Karena Ng (吳千語), Raymond Lam (林峯) has been entertaining thoughts of marriage lately. He admitted to being a “better man” after meeting Karena and said he is seriously considering marriage.

Although his parents are eager to see him married, Raymond’s father, Lam Kwok Wah (林國華), stipulated that the couple must register their marriage in China to protect Raymond’s inheritance. As a wealthy real estate developer in Xiamen, Lam Kwok Wah is eager to protect the family’s assets.

Mr. Lam initially did not approve of Raymond’s dating choice, but realized he could not stop Raymond from marrying Karena. An insider revealed, “After discussing with his lawyer, Mr. Lam said he would not oppose the marriage as long as it is registered in their hometown in Xiamen.

"On the surface, it is to bring honor to their ancestors. In actual fact, it is because Chinese marriage law states that the couple’s individual assets before marriage do not belong to the other party. In other words, if Raymond and Karena were to get divorced one day, she will not get Raymond’s inheritance. The most she will get is his earnings after marriage.”

As Raymond’s TVB management contract will be expiring soon, his future remains unclear, reports a Jayne Stars article. There were rumors claiming that he may not continue his contract with TVB, but focus his career in China instead.

Speculations also abound that Raymond may quit the entertainment industry and fulfill his promise to help manage the family business. To further convince his father about his marriage choice, Raymond may end up returning to Xiamen sooner than planned.

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