Raymond Wong: 'It's useless being handsome like me'

26 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

When Raymond Wong was asked by a reporter as to whether he thinks he's handsome, he replied, "Of course I cannot say I'm ugly, but there are so many people in the country, there are handsome guys everywhere!"I think its useless being handsome in this industry."The reality is the females cannot make it to the front line without beauty, but the males can still be on the front line without being handsome!"As an artist, the most important is to encounter a good role and acceptance from the audience. Also, its about how much effort you put into the performance, the looks are secondary.As for his marriage of 7 years, Raymond comments that his life is completely boring. He said: "My life is totally boring! My wife likes to go out and try different foods, but I'm always eating at the canteen."I won't try out new things. My wife says: "You weren't like this when we were dating!" I answered: "Every man isn't like how they were before marriage. That time I was trying to marry you!""But I think its good to try out new things from time to time, so nowadays I usually invite friends out to eat and have them do the recommendations."Source: Asian Fanatics

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