Raymond Wong forced to withdraw from new series and suspend all work due to health

6 October 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

Artiste Raymond Wong (黃浩然) appeared at a footwear brand event and earlier he who was diagnosed with Behcet's disease which caused an inflamed ulcer in his throat, besides being forced to withdraw from the filming of a new series, he also had to be hospitalized for two whole weeks.

According to Asian E-News Portal,when asked about the progress of his recuperation, he said: "Going back to the company, my colleagues tell me they haven't seen me this energetic. I can't exercise vigorously and I have to eat more nutritional food."

He also revealed that his wife often made him soup for him to replenish: "My mother and mother-in-law also did, now I'm eating home-cooked meals more. I also keep exercising regularly, hiking in the mounta for about 45 minutes to an hour.

"Now, I pay attention to my health more, everyday I would rest for 8 hours.

"My sons are worried and they also miss me. My oldest was really happy when he knew I'm leaving the hospital.

"He told his teacher in school that he was unhappy because his dad caught a cold."

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