Raymond Wong asked to generate fake news for the media

26 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

The day before yesterday, Raymond Wong accepted an interview with Information Times during which, in addition to sharing his joy at becoming a father, he also reveals how he was once contacted by a magazine and asked to ‘˜generate’ fake news for them.According to an article in Jaded News, Raymond Wong is an ‘˜infrequent visitor’ when it comes to tabloids, as he rarely has any gossip reports or rumours surrounding him, but Raymond revealed that one time, a tabloid reporter called him up to ask if he was willing to collaborate with them in ‘˜making news’ ‘“ for instance, having him ‘˜photographed’ holding another woman’s hand while walking down the street or eating dinner together.“This kind of thing is actually very common within the industry ‘” everyone knows it and a lot of artists will actually go along with it, since they know that the tabloids need to have something to write about."However, I absolutely refuse to go along with this kind of thing! I would rather have less media exposure and go slower [in terms of career path] than to be involved in these types of negative reports. I have enough pride and confidence in myself! I’ve never had to purposefully generate rumors like that and I’ve still been able to survive on my own for this long ‘“ I have not let myself down!" said Raymond.Raymond expressed that he normally only agrees to interviews during the promotional periods for his series ‘“ when he became a father, he especially wanted to dedicate more time to his son, so he purposefully reduced his media exposure even more.

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