Raymond Ng once scolded Jacky Cheung for 10 min straight

2 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Jacky Cheung credits RTHK’s former deputy director of broadcasting Raymond Ng for setting his life straight and getting him to steer clear of alcohol. When he first started in the industry, Jacky’s career was pretty smooth ‘“ from the ‘˜Best Newcomer’ to various ‘˜Golden Hits’ awards, it seemed that success came easily for him.Unfortunately though, the good circumstances didn’t last: in 1988, when Jacky released his 5th album Last Night in My Dreams (昨夜夢魂中), the sales of the album dropped to a record low of 20,000 copies. Jacky’s reputation also took a hit as well ‘“ his ‘˜good boy’ image was tarnished and soon he became known as a constantly drunk ‘˜alcoholic’He said: "To this day, I still can’t figure out why I took up drinking ‘“ it’s not like I was under a whole lot of pressure or anything. But it’s undeniable that the constant drunkenness brought a lot of negative reports and as a result, record sales were affected."RTHK’s former deputy director of broadcasting Raymond Ng, who loved Jacky like a son ‘“ was pained to see him in this manner; one time, they were standing in the street in Wan Chai and Raymond scolded Jacky severely for 10 minutes straight. At the time, Polygram’s top exec Chan Yu Hung (陳汝雄) tried to put a stop to the scolding by yelling out: ‘˜Enough! Enough!’ ‘“ however, Raymond ignored him and continued to reprimand Jacky: “Enough what?! Scolding him for another 5 minutes isn’t even enough!‘ Hearing Raymond recount the story, Jacky’s memory of the incident returned: “The worst thing is that at the time, I didn’t take your words to heart and continued to drink!‘After losing his way for a few years, Jacky suddenly realized that he needed to face reality ‘“ not only did he quit drinking, he also worked hard to rebuild his reputation and regain the acceptance of friends and fans. 

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