Raymond Lam's father dislikes his GF Karena Ng

4 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
With a Chinese mother and a father from a mixed Australian-French-Chinese heritage, Karena possessed an exotic beauty that mesmerized the wealthy second generation.

After Raymond Lam had dated Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), his father became wary that Raymond’s new girlfriend may take advantage of him.

Karena’s colorful romantic past alarmed Raymond’s parents.

An insider revealed to 21CN, "Raymond’s father realized that Karena, despite her young age, has many negative rumors.

Her father chops roast pork and their family background is modest.

Her academic scores were average; after graduating from Tsung Tsin Secondary School, she enrolled in an associate degree program.

When Raymond’s father saw that his son was taking care of Karena’s entire family not long after dating, Mr. Lam was clear-minded on what was truly happening.

Mr. Lam advised Raymond to be careful, but Raymond did not take heed.

Since Raymond realized his father had complaints, he has not yet arranged to have his girlfriend meet him."
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